At Washington State University, a study conducted by Dr. V. Lohr determined that reaction times were 12% faster to a computer program when an adequate number of interior plants were used in the test area.
Blood pressure readings were taken from recipients in this study and it was found that recovery from stress was much faster due to the added visual exposure of indoor plants.
Interior Plant Service
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           Indoor plant care, tropical plants, orchids, bromeliads, patio  gardens, and more...
At Growing Concerns, caring for indoor plants means keeping them healthy and beautiful- that is our specialty. We will design then install an interior plantscape that will flourish and beautify an indoor space, or take care of your existing plants. Our usual plant service consists of a weekly visit to your home or business by a highly experienced technician who performs the following; watering, fertilizing, cleaning, pruning, pest management and fresh moss. We also offer biweekly plant care, yearly cleanups, orchids, bromeliads and other flowering arrangements, as well as other horticultural services tailored to your needs.

Although we are not an exterior landscaping company, we do provide patio plants and container planting, mostly to our existing interiorscaping clients. With our design pallet of numerous decorative containers and almost as many plants, we can transform and accent your outdoor spaces making them welcoming places to relax and enjoy.
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We will design, install, and maintain flower, drought tolerant, vegetable, California native, and speciality gardens- primarily for our interior clients. With a passion for flowering plants, gardening and horticulture we know how to make your garden look its best. We can also diagnose  and correct any disease, insect, soil fertility, and soil structure issues, as well as watering problems that may be keeping your landscape and plants from looking their best.
Weekly Maintenance
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